of Money Laundering

Insurance Company InSur S.A. recognizes the importance of the global fight against the prevention of Money Laundering and the Financing of Terrorism as it affects essential aspects of social life and therefore expresses its full solidarity and maximum collaboration with the competent authorities to prevent these crimes.

Money Laundering is understood as the set of acts or activities carried out by a Natural or Legal Person or any entity tending to introduce illicit funds and/or assets into the economy of a country in order to give them an appearance of legality. .

Terrorist Financing is the act of providing support by any means to terrorists or organizations linked to them, in order to enable them to carry out acts of terrorism.

As they are transnational crimes, the collaboration of all countries is required, which through their Government agencies are dedicated to their investigation. In our country, it is channeled through the FIU (Financial Information Unit).

In our capacity as Obliged Subject, and in compliance with the current Regulations on the matter, you can find in this section, the Regulations and the forms to complete the information required by the FIU.

Current Rules


Information requirement
RG 28/2018

of Information to Obligatory Entities

Information Requirement RG 134/2018 FIU

Information requirement for
claims payment

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